Welcome to Cowan Entertainment Company, an exciting production and multimedia business based in Southern California. The company services and has produced full-length feature films, short films, web shows, TV shows for cable, infomercials, music videos, web commercials, red carpet interviews, live events, Theater, concerts, sporting events, press kits, animation, documentaries, Internet content, script coverage, plus DVD/ Blu-ray distribution while serving all areas and aspects of production. Cowan Entertainment Company is an energetic and enthusiastic creative force for new ideas in the world of mass media.
The company keeps up with the latest trends, technologies and shoots Broadcast Quality productions as well as Ultra 4K (HDR) and Full Frame. In addition, the company uses professional lighting packages and with a green screen option. The editing platform is fast, powerful and uses the best, professional software in the Industry.
In the realm of Digital Photography, the company has done professional photography for Hollywood events such as the MTV Movie & Music Awards and the Academy Awards Beauty Suite. Some photography has also been published in popular periodicals such as the LA Times, Enquirer and Attorney at Law Magazine.
The company uses only state-of-the-art microphones and professional sound packages (with stereo, surround sound or mixed 5.1, 7.1 Dolby Digital capability).
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Rennie Cowan (CEO) is an award-winning Filmmaker and Graduate of Chapman University School of Film and Television (BFA/MFA Dodge College of Film & Media). Additional academic achievements include EJD in Law, Associate Degrees in Arts, Business, and Paralegal Studies. More study includes a Higher Education Teaching Certificate from Harvard University, costume/set-design at Vocational Academy with acting training in Los Angeles (TVI Actor's Studio & AIA Studios). Some professional work includes Production, Celebrity Photography, Video Journalism, Post Production (Sony Pictures Studios), CBS Studios, Jim Henson Studios, William Morris Agency, Warner Brothers, Screen Actors Guild - please refer to Linkedin or IMDB for more info.
Cowan was under the Mentorship of the Producer of The Shawshank Redemption while at Chapman (Masters Thesis). As a Video Journalist, Cowan has interviewed over 150 Entertainment Professionals including Actors, Producers, Directors and Screenwriters, on the Red Carpet for Major Motion Pictures, Animated Movies and Television. Some films include Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Smallville, Gotham the TV series, and Little House on the Prairie. Cowan teaches Film & TV as a University Professor and Entertainment Instructor. In 2012, Cowan was credited on the Warner Brothers' Justice League: Doom Blu-ray release for footage shot as supplemental material. And in 2014, awarded by the California State Senator for a film shot about Vietnam Veterans.

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