Professional Script Coverage
Writing is re-writing. Prepare your script for the next draft. CEC does coverage on screenplays. This includes an in-depth 3 to 5 page analysis with comments, suggestions, heavy criticism and good ideas for improvement.
Coverage is done by Rennie Cowan is a Screenwriting Instructor who has taught courses in Screenwriting, Acting for the Camera, Film Production, Production Design, Producing, Cinematography, and Intellectual Property. She has worked in script development, script coverage and pitching; pitching to studios and production companies. She is also an award-winning filmmaker, graduate of Chapman University's Film School programs, and a Law School graduate with an EJD (Doctorate) in Law. Get criticism for good storytelling. The coverage will also go through some details such as marketablity, genre, character development and structure.
Coverage is timely and detailed. Simply email a .docx Word file or a .PDF of your script to: . Mail orders are accepted, and you can also opt to mail a hard copy of your script for additional, written notes on the pages.
Note: All coverage is done on a contract basis to protect you, the copyright owner.
Expect 3-4 weeks for your script analysis.
Price per manuscript (for coverage): $350.00. You can opt to pay half to start the coverage process ($175.00), and then the other half when it is completed.
For hard copy returns, add an additional $15.00 for postage.
You can pay via paypal below. Any questions, feel free to call the business line at: (323) 952-3820 or
Script Coverage




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